Frequently Asked Questions

Our Clients are constantly asking us these questions to know more about our products/services


How do I choose the best plan for my business?
Does Pagesence work with international brands/businesses?
Is there a consultation fee involved for discussions with Pagesence?
What are the payment platforms available
Does Pagesence offer custom services? Do I have to choose a plan?

Web Design

How much does a website cost?
How long will it take to design a website for my business/ brand?
Does Pagesence only create WordPress Websites?
Does Pagesence offer re-design services for existing websites?
Does Pagesence offer maintenance and support services for the website or will I have to do that myself?
Will my website be compatible with mobile devices?
How much involvement will I have in the process?

Branding & Content Marketing

How do I get started with content marketing?
How will content marketing help boost the sales of my brand’s products/services?
How do I identify my target audience?
How will Pagesence help me reach my target audience?
Can the impact of content on sales and revenue be measured?
How can I make the most of content marketing to boost my brand's visibility?
How will Pagesence help me create quality content for my brand?
What type of content is the most effective?
What is SEO and how will it help with content marketing for my brand?
Is a logo important for my brand?
Does Pagesence offer social media management services?
How much will content marketing services cost?