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Our services are designed to improve key performance metrics and lessen the hassle of assembling digital marketing and management solutions from multiple companies.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to maximize your return on investment and provide usability. Find out more about the services we can provide for your hospitality.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobile Friendly website
  • Content Marketing
  • S.E.O
  • Email Marketing
  • Listing on Google
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Paid Ads
  • Social Media & Reputation Management
Digital Strategy

Our team of experts is uniquely positioned to manage, monitor, and optimize your campaigns every day.

With data at the heart of what we do, our team leverages

your data so you can reach the right customers with

the right message to drive conversions and direct


Our digital strategies range from visual design elements to brand positioning and tailored messaging to help your business stand out from the competition.

Up-to-date technology and digital media campaigns will also be contributed towards building awareness and revenue for your business.

Mobile Friendly website

You need a website. And by website, we don’t just mean put up some poor pictures, add two lines of content about your property, and be done with it. We’re offering a website that showcases your amenities, location, rooms, and everything else about your property. There are hotel website templates for you.

‍People prefer finding anything on a smartphone rather than on a desktop. Mobile-friendly websites are most recommended by smartphone users.

What we offer:

  • Relevant content for your website
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Responsive design
  • Direct booking integration
  • Lead capture Live chat
Content Marketing

Our content marketing solution is a strategic approach to marketing in that we focus on creating valuable content relevant to your audience. We call these Guides.

This content is centered around all necessary information both within your property and outside the property. Our Guides inspire your guests to have their best possible stay.

Our Guides place your guests in the center of attention, spark their interest and answer the doubts and pain points that could appear before and during their experience at your property. Your guests won’t have to ask you where to buy Sushi in the neighborhood because we’ve already created a Guide on the best spots to get Sushi around.

This we do in partnership with


We’ll provide you with Technical, Content, and Local SEO.

Technical SEO ensures search engines will be able to find your website, and easily interpret the structure of your content (whether it is text, an image, or video, etc). It ensures there are no technical issues to stop content from getting indexed in the search results pages.

‍Content SEO is the process of having quality content on your website. It provides search engines with a better understanding of the website’s purpose, through the inclusion of carefully selected keywords.

‍Emphasis on local SEO

‍This part of SEO focuses on the visibility of your business in local search results. For example, let’s say you have a hotel in Marina D. So the local SEO keeps focusing on your hotel to be in ‘hotels near me’ or ‘hotels in Paharganj’ results.

‍SEO services we provide:

‍Keyword research

Content audit and keywords suggestions

Local Search Optimization

Ranking analysis

Email Marketing

One of the most popular misconceptions that many people fall for is that email marketing is dead and no one reads emails. That said, users do want to engage with emails, and 49% of people reported that they even want to receive communication from their favorite brands. But you have to make your email communication relevant to your guests, and that’s what we do.

In our email marketing communications, we send:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Special offers and add-ons
  • Discounts or other perks to your loyalty program guests, encouraging them.
  • News and updates about your hotel/restaurant (new services and refreshed facilities etc)
Listing on Google

Google My Business is like creating an e-card for your business. It helps to bridge the gap between business owners and end users.

Basically, before making a booking, guests search for any properties they’d be staying at. A potential guest searches everything, from facilities to star categories, ratings, reviews, and photos, to the price range and FAQs. A potential guest searches all. Same for restaurants.

We will:

  • Set up GMB listing for new properties.
  • Audit listing for existing properties.
  • Enhance and Optimize your profile. - Not a single important detail will be missed.
  • Dedicate an account manager.
  • Respond to reviews.
  • Auto-update user-generated content geotagged with your brand.
Analytics & Reporting

Measuring analytics correctly is the art of using data to find the audiences that matter to you. Your analytics provide you with a fully formed view of how people engage with your social media pages, website, and marketing activity across all their devices. Understanding analytics is all about understanding your audience. Evaluate how people interact with your site, notice where the opportunities are for you to grow, and discover where the smartest places are to invest your resources in order to grow your direct bookings.

Generate multiple reports depending on your requirements

Visualize your reports - All the essential data a hotel/restaurant could need organized into logical, easy-to-understand lists

Paid Ads

Our team of paid search experts knows the best ways to ensure your brand stays at the top of the search engines, help drive conversions to your website, and find the right audiences on social media.

We offer:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
Social Media & Reputation Management

Presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is not a new thing these days. But making the most of them and utilizing them to their full potential is what you need from us.

We will monitor your social media accounts for mentions, promotions, user content generation, lead generation, and more. This is an opportunity for us to promote your property by engaging in posts highlighting your brand across all of your social media channels.

On social media we will:

  • Create your business profile(s)
  • Interlink social media pages
  • Create content (images, carousels, videos, tweets)
  • Create effective hashtag and location strategies
  • Engage customers and potential customers

Get an ADA-compliant

website that converts.

A beautiful, expertly designed, and mobile-friendly website will help you stand out from your competitors.

We Design, You Edit.

Take your Digital Presence to the

next level. Pagesence got

you covered.

At Pagesence,

We speak your business language, understand what you’re trying to achieve, and work with you to develop a package of customized services that are just right for you, now and in the future.

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